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Secondary School Education

Ahmad Mahdzan Ayob, Form2A Derma 1957

Ahmad Mahdzan Ayob, Form2A Derma 1957

RMC is a unique institution. Those who get into this College (BTW, the Boys' Wing of the College is strictly a secondary school, with stiff army uniform!) are lucky because they get a free education, or at least it is paid by tax-payers! Our uniforms were given free, not to mention the accommodation and 'makan'. On top of that we received pocket money, even though they gave us 100 'dollars' and took back 99! We used to say life was 'makan tanggung, and 'kelambu gantung' at the RMC. Here, boys of various races in Malaysia live, study and play together without barriers. We have learned tolerance and respect for each other's religious beliefs and ethnic customs. We also learned to be self-reliant and independent. Our military training taught us discipline and resilience. Many of our buddies went on to lead the armed forces, civil service and the industries.

Royal Military College Malaysia, Company B - 1960
Royal Military College, Company B - 1960

I left the RMC at the end of 1962 after passing the Higher School Certificate in the science (biology-based) stream, having passed at 'principal level' in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, and subsidiary level in Mathematics (we were told to take it at subsid level only), and General Paper (available at subsid level only). Physics abd Chemistry were taught by expatriats--Mr. Nicholls (please check the spelling, guys!) and Capt. Fairclough, repectively. Mr Saran Singh taught us Biology. Mr. Fredericks taught us maths, but I can't remember who taught us general paper. This 'paper' made us somewhat 'well-rounded' and not mere, cold, future technologists. We were taught current affairs and had to write lots of essays.

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