Strengths of Survey

CSD's survey is, in layman's terms, short, simple and sweet. It does not ask the customer to dwell on the questionnaire, but rather, it simply focuses on the very few qualities that it wants evaluated. The survey has a total of ten close-ended and two open-ended qualitative evaluation questions, all of which are very brief and concise.

For instance, CSD's survey briefly asks the customer to rate six different aspects of its service, such as service experience, food quality and appeal, cleanliness of the diner, and others. It also has two "yes/no" questions where they ask the customer if they (the customers) would recommend the diner to others (presumably the customer's family and friends), and if the customer would consider coming to CSD to eat again. It can be assumed that if the customer liked or disliked the food and service he or she experienced at the diner, these two questions will almost be answered mindlessly and would not require much thought or time.

short questions on survey
CSD Survey asks simple and short questions

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