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The Typical Asian American Male The Typical Asian American Female


Although our findings overwhelmingly display Asian Americans as negative characters in movies, it must be emphasized that these findings were a result of viewing popular movies over the last two decades. We cannot deny, however, that Asians have played some positive roles in some movies and television programs. For example, TV program Martial Law features two Asian police officers helping Los Angeles Police Department get rid of its criminals. Movies starring Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan also often feature them as the heroes who save the day when they single handedly defeat villains.

However, Asian characters in popular American movies continue to portray negative stereotypes. Considering what make these movies popular are the consumers themselves, boycotting these movies and educating the American public about these unfounded stereotypical Asian American characters would be two steps that we as a community could take to decrease the number of movies that glorify Asian American misconceptions. Many web sites on the Internet such as "A Memo from MANNA to Hollywood: Asian Stereotypes" ( are dedicated to educate people about these issues that we have presented.

We hope that many will be able to see our points of view after reading our research paper and watch these Asian American movies with a different and enlightened frame of mind.

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