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The Typical Asian American Male The Typical Asian American Female

Feminist Perspective

From a feminist perspective, the portrayal of Asian women in most of these popular flicks heavily support the theory of white male dominance. In her article entitled "Night to His Day," Judith Lorber says that "one gender is usually the touchstone, the normal, the dominant, and the other is indifferent, deviant and subordinate." In whatever circumstances, when confronted with the male gender, the Asian woman is almost always the subordinate, whether she is the abused spouse of the Asian man, or the loyal puppy-eyed lover of the White man. If it's not about her Asian spouse abusing her thus gaining her sympathy from the audience (China Doll character), she is boo-ed at by viewers when she successfully seduces the White male characters into self-destruction (Dragon Lady character).

Asian women also supposedly set the hegemonic female standards that attract a man. "Implicitly, these films warn white women to embrace the socially constructed passive Asian beauty as the feminine ideal if they want to attract and keep a man" (Espiritu). The social construction of Asian women in movies is also intended to not just socially construct the Asian American women, but also white women who might feel in competition with their Asian American counterparts in getting a man.

Class discrepancy appears when race and gender discrepancies are present. By showing that there are racial and gender differences between the leading white actor and the supporting Asian actors, it implies that the Asian characters come from an economically disadvantaged class because they are racially and gender-wise inferior. A lot of the Asian American characters in the movies that we saw have been depicted as poor social deviants.

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