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The Typical Asian American Male The Typical Asian American Female

Self implies Other

In an article entitled "Portrait of White Racism" by David Wellman and Howard Pinderburghes, they mention that the creation of self requires the social construction of another. "Self implies other; without Other, there can be can be no Self." To put this assertion in congruence with our findings, without the appearance of malicious Asians in these popular movies, white appearances have no identity, no power and no privilege. The Asian male character is portrayed as being less adequate than the White male leading actor to emphasize that there is discrepancy between the two characters, and for the White man to uphold his position in the American society, the Asian character must lose the battle against his White rival.

As shown in our analysis, Asian men are constantly being depicted as evil because being evil is unfavorable, socially unacceptable and deserves to either be isolated from the rest of society or just die out of existence.

The Asian man must also display no competition to the White man in terms of courtship with women, especially Asian women. Out of irony, the Asian man is not allowed to have an intimate relationship with a white woman because the white woman cannot be subjected to the Asian patriarchal system, which is seen as inferior and potentially degrading. Asian men are portrayed as weak and less masculine to emphasize that they do not have the ability to attract women into entering companionship, unlike the white men who always successfully grab the attention of the Asian women.

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