Nice montage! :) This research paper was written by Farah Mahdzan and Norlinda Ziegler
Paper Outline
The Typical Asian American Male The Typical Asian American Female

Further Analysis

These stereotypes of Asians in the American media have been socially constructed by the powerful institution we call Hollywood. Hollywood movies have long been promoting white dominance in its films. It upholds the belief that being white and male and heterosexual is state of being privileged, though many White heterosexual men would not realize this until it is pointed out.

For example, a white man is able to have a sexual relationship with an Asian woman, but an Asian man cannot be seen having an intimate relationship with a white woman. White guys always win the battle against the Asians. White men are always portrayed stronger and more intelligent than Asian men are.

We then asked ourselves, what are the purposes of these negative stereotypes of Asians in popular media in general and how do they reflect the social hierarchy that we are accustomed with here in the United States?

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